S.NO Name Description
1 AFREEN Sweet blend of Amber, Musk and Agarwood
2 AQUILARIA Exotic blend of Spices with Agarwood
3 AIR 2109 Woody Musk Lime
4 APSARA Floral sweet strong
5 AQUA MELON  Melon based strong fresh Powdery aroma
6 BELA MOTIA StrongJasmine close to natural
7 BELA JOOHI Soft Jasmine
8 BOQUET VL Tradition Sweet Blend
9 DHOOM Blend of Lime and Lavender
10 DRAGON-SPICES & LAVENDER Refreshing Blend of Spice and Lavender
11 ELEVATOR-CHYPRE Chypra based strong aroma
12 EXOTIC MUSK Musk with Lime and Sandalwood
13 ENGLISH MUSK Refreshing Lime with Musk
14 FOREST Fresh woody aroma
15 GULAB 785 Rose at its best
16 HINA 2074-SPICES Traditional blend of natural spice with Amber and Musk
17 GREEN LEMON Blend of Jasmine and Lime
18 JOY 2000 Sandalwood with Lime
19 KAAMAYANI Jasmine based Boquet
20 KASHISH NV Spicy strong Lemon
21 MAGICAL JASMINE Blend of Jasmine with Narcissus
22 MULAQAAT Spices blended with Zafran and Agarwood
23 MUSK ARB Refreshing blend of Musk with Agarwood and Lemon
24 OUDH MUKHALLAT-SPICY Spices strong blend of Musk Zafran and Agarwood
25 NIGHT QUEEN  Night Queen at its best
26 ORANGIA Musk blend with Lime soothing powdery aroma
27 ROSE FRESH Long lasting refreshing rose
28 SANDAL WOOD 0705 Close to natural Sandalwood
29 SERENE Sweet floral blend of Rose and Rajnigandha
30 SYNTHETIC AGAR Synthetic Agarwood
31 TUBEROSE(RAJNIGANDHA) Strong Tuberose aroma
32 VOILET-VLT-44 Mystical Sandalwood with Voilet flowers

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