S.NO Name Description  
1 Agarwood FR Very strong Agarwood note good for floral bath  
2 Amber 1408 Pleasant Amberwood, very strong spreading  
3 Bharat D-2-I Powdery fresh strong  
4 Boquet VL Strong sweet traditional boquet  
5 Base Mogra D Base good for mogra,jasmine and other floral aroma  
6 Base Powdery Base good for fancy aroma, provide sweetness and spreading  
7 Base Vanilla Base good for fancy and traditional aroma  
8 Chandan 49 Soft Sandalwood  
9 Champa  Traditional Champa  
10 Dhoom AG Lavender based strong aroma, spreading is very good  
11 Fantastic Citrus aroma  
12 Fantacy Aldehydic strong aroma good to use in combination with floral and fancy perfumes
13 Harsingar Traditional Harsingar  
14 Intimate Very strong long lasting highly concentrated  
15 Intense Chypre based strong powdery sweet aroma  
16 Jannat Boquet of Jasmine and Rajnogandha highly concentrated  
17 Kadambari WF Sweet floral strong aroma  
18 Kashish Citrus based strong refreshing aroma  
19 Keora OF Sweet woody keora  
20 Loban Very good Loban note created synthetically  
21 Lavender D-50 Refreshing Lavender  
22 Musk AG Brut Musk base in lime perfume  
23 Musk Oudh Strong traditional good for masala batti  
24 Mogra OF Strong traditional highly concentrated mogra  
25 Mogra N-2013 Strong traditional sweet mogra  
26 Rose 1505 Refreshing soft Rose  
27 Rose OF Strong Rose  
28 Red Rose Refreshing fruity strong  
29 Rajnigandha AR Tuberose strong  
30 Rajnigandha BQMR Sweet Tuberose highly concentrated  
31 Sugandh Sringar Sweet strong aroma   
32 Vasundhara Fancy Aldehydic boquet based aroma  

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